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I am a Paralegal and have worked in various law firms for the past 30 years. With my expertise I am  happy to serve as a Board Member and I volunteer my time at the home. I started volunteering at Angels 2 years ago and have grown to love the little Angel's at the home. 


yolAn naIdoo


I am a people orientated person with a conviction that when we as people in this creation serve together, we can achieve anything. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I have a background in corporate finance as well as marketing, which I believe can assist in serving Angels. The future of humanity lies in the welfare and happiness of our children.


anne ebrahim 


Hi. I'm Anne, a mum and a yoga teacher 

with over 30 years experience in admin and accounts. I've volunteered at various childrens homes and 

other charities, both local and abroad.

Angels baby sanctuary


Angels is an organisation dedicated to the welfare of abandoned, orphaned, sickly or abused babies placed in our home. We will:

​- Make it our priority to nurture these babies with love and care;
- Take care of all their medical and educational needs that may arise;
- Encourage a holistic approach to ensure a safe, loving, homely environment;
= Take care of all the babies needs until they are adopted or adulthood, should adoption not be a successful route.
Currently I am an Executive, working in IT, for a large South African bank. I have been in IT (Information Technology) for the past 40 years and have held numerous technical and management positions at the bank.
I am a serious sports lover and have played soccer (up to semi-professional level), cricket, table tennis, tennis, and golf at various level – I even tried Netball. As my days of working formally comes to an end, I want to be able to use me expertise, and influence, to be able to help provide a better place for any child who needs it. This is the reason that I joined Angels, as I believe that creating a great future depends on providing the right start to every child.




I am an Air Traffic Controller at O.R Tambo International.I adore kids and am really excited to put my organisational skills to good use, by being involved with the fundraising for Angels.